Mutharamman Temple – Kulasekarapattinam(Kulasai)

Mutharamman Temple – Kulasekarapattinam

Reason to called Kulasekaranpattinam :

The city was named Kulasekarapattinam when he ruled the town of Kulasekarapandiyan. One day he attained the direct vision of Goddess.

History of temple :

Once under the curse of saint Agathiyar, the monk Varamuni became a man with a buffalo head. The word “Magism” means buffalo. Because he had a buffalo head, people called him Magisasuran.

With his constant meditation and intense effort, Magisasuran gained higher power and ruled over the world, persecuting the people and the saints. The Saints approached the Goddess to denounce Magisaysura’s supremacy and conveyed the hardship.

Then a female child with the power of the Goddess appears. That baby was named “Lalithambigai.” The baby grew to 9 days, and on the 10th day, she came as the angry “Annai Parasakthi Lalitambigai” and destroyed the Magisasura, this day celebrated as the 10th day “Dasara”.


After Annai Parasakti destroyed Magisasura, she was called “Magisasura Martini”. Finally, the Goddess came to this city and settled down and shower her blessings on all devotees. 

Temple Location:

The “Sri Mutharamman” temple has located in Kulasekara Patinam village near Thiruchendur, 55 km south of Thoothukudi (Tamil Nadu, India) on the East Coast Road on the way to Kanyakumari. 


Dasara celebrations are held every year in September / October. It is also known as the “Kulasai Festival”. According to the Tamil calendar, more than 1.5 million people gather here annually on the tenth day after the new moon in Purattasi (September / October). 


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